Princess Payton

Princess Payton’s Mini Session. Cute as a button and beginning to walk confidently … It always amazes me to see babies at this stage. No matter how many times they fall they will not stay down because they believe they can walk and are determined to get around any obstacle in their way! Thanks for this beautiful reminder Princess Payton ♥  Read Full Post »

The Photogs Kid

Uninterested. Unamused. Uncooperative. Bored. Wishes mom would stop saying “just one more pic”.  Smiles and even a wink when I say, “forget it, we are done.” … my life. I take pictures of children all the time and somehow I can not get my own to cooperate. I still love every shot. They tell a truth about my life, my love and my passion. My kids have been my muse since before they were born. They hate it! lolRead Full Post »