About The Portrait Artist

IT STARTED … like most people in this day and age … LOVING to capture moments. Any moment. Every moment. The only thing that differs is I started when I was about 6 years old. I remember culling over images on a regular basis as a kid and trying to puzzle together who was not in the image so I could figure out if they were the one that took the picture.


I took pictures at school ALL the time, back then I had 35mm film, a Polaroid and disposable cameras (this was in elementary and middle school). I would “page” my dad (if your were born in the 70’s or early 80’s you know what that means) or tell his answering service to tell him to bring me a new disposable camera from Thrifty’s drug store (now known on the west Coast as Rite Aid) at least once a week! He would give me the new disposable and I would give him the old and ask him to drop it off to be developed!

That love never changed! In fact, my mind became a camera it seemed. So often, several moments throughout a day, I would hear my self say “this is a perfect picture” as I snap and frame it in my mind. Kodak commercials were my absolute favorite and collecting blank cards with images on the front became my thing.


I had children and went nuts! I’m sure so many of you can understand that. As we become parents we also instantly become Paparazzi and our kids probably feel like Michael Jackson did.

My Dad bought me a digital camera and from that point, as they say … it was over before it began. I did not go to school for this. I am self taught with the help of YouTube , fabulous blogs, lots of practice, failed moments, hard work and the Holy Spirit. I have a God given talent and I am so grateful for that because I absolutely LOVE what I do. I am what some photographers call a “MOM-TOGRAPHER” and I am so proud of that title too & I am amazing at what I do

I am sure there are other professionals that are reading this and just became UPSET… lol (calm down, it’s OK) there is room at the to for all of us, even if we take a different route.

My passion is capturing people in moments that show them in the beautiful way that God see’s them, in a way that they may not often see themselves or the one’s they love. To turn those into tangible images that they can walk by and smile at for generations to come. I have a special passion for photographing Fathers and their children together. In my opinion, the representation of men as loving and involved parents are becoming less and less in this world we live in. These are important images for our world to see.

I have worked with celebrities, locals, not so locals. I have taught digital photography 101 at UCLA (Sig Institute Summer Program for the gifted), I currently mentor photographers who want to explore creatively particularly in the area of how to photograph children.

Above all that I am a fun soul who loves God, life, writing (visit my blog), teaching (about success) and photography. Find out more about me at www.QianaNicole.com