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Preparing for Your Portrait Art Session



Preparing for your standard, child or family portrait art session



This usually the #1 question asked after the session has been booked. My advice? Keep it simple. Your images should reflect the essence of you and or your family. Choose outfits that individually reflects each members personality. Wonder how to do this and not look like a bunch of different colored splattered paint and patterns on a canvas??? Pick colors and patterns that work well together and incorporate them into each person’s style. I highly recommend staying away from being too matchy. I have some suggestions on Pinterest, click this link to see! If you still have questions after that … let’s talk about it and together we can come up with something that will work for you and your family.


I advise clients with children to try and have a quiet and relaxed day so that the little ones will be relaxed during the session. Remember our children can become cranky and over stimulated and we don’t want that. During my session they are the boss and when they say its over, well … it is pretty much over. So let’s try our best to schedule around nap times, feedings. Bring face wipes, hair brush, water,  and snacks. It’s amazing what bribery can do! I shoot a lot of children and I am also a Mom, so this is advice is tried and proven. It works 😉

Last, but certainly not least, relax and enjoy your session! There is no “good side” or perfect angle … The more at ease you are, the more natural your photos will be. Remember, capturing the essence and beauty of who you are naturally is MY JOB and yours is to show up on time and simply have fun!



Preparing for your maternity portrait art session



are best done between 28-34 weeks.


Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life and the beauty of it alone is breathtaking (though we may not feel that way). My suggestion is to wear something that you are comfortable in. Something that allows you to show off that beautiful bump and that makes you feel beautiful. We can definitely have a little consult regarding choices for your wardrobe if you would like, but my suggestions are form fitting solid color tops that accentuate your growing bump paired with some jeans, or Perhaps a long skirt or long form fitting maxi type dress. See my Pinterest board for suggestions.



Preparing for your newborn’s portrait art session


Newborn babies are absolutely precious to photograph ! There are however, some things to consider in preparation for a newborn session.


Newborn babies are BEST photographed within the first 10 days after birth. I do not shoot newborns beyond 15 days old. Babies are most sleepy during this time. Beyond that it becomes very difficult to get them to sleep through the session. Not to mention they begin losing that precious ability to be posed in most any position comfortably. Scheduling a session in advanced ensures that we can plan accordingly and get the very best shots as soon as possible! I’m sure this sounds difficult. How can you know exactly when the baby will arrive unless it is a planned C-section?  No worries, if we have a time frame we can work around it and I will make myself available, so please don’t wait on this. The sooner we can plan, the better!


Because babies are so unpredictable we just never know how long the session might take so it is best to keep your schedule open and not make any appointments within a few hours beyond the allocated session time.


Expect to take plenty of feeding breaks to get your precious little bundle nice and full. The fuller the tummy, the sleepier the baby! There is no need to rush this as it is a necessary part of the process.

Keeping baby as warm as possible

Those bare skin newborn photos are beyond precious, however, babies will not get sleepy if they are cold. The warmer their environment, the better they will sleep.

Special Note: you may want to be a bit layered so you can remove clothing as you feel the need to,to control your comfort level. Newborn sessions can be a bit warm for adults but perfect for baby.